The story begins when our client, Owner and Fashion Professional, formerly a Nordstrom Buyer for 30 years, approached us to launch her new fashion store, Rstorie. Design Centric followed her desire for a minimalist, simply elegant logotype and branding to unfold an open book of contemporary styles that fit the narrative of her hip customers. A primary clean logo graced the signage, shopping totes, business cards, and packaging tissue we created; the “RS” symbol evolved for compatibility and whim on social media, web, print, and packaging. We designed a well-lit, modern constructed sign to beacon shoppers of the large outdoor retail center. A second logo of “ReStorie” was developed for her vintage line of high-end labels. Rstorie, launched post-pandemic, has succeeded in its brick-and-mortar business with customers continuing to tell their stories with the latest fashions and in events with collaborative vendors.