Susan G. Komen for the Cure

We are honored to have typeset the logos and event collateral for the major fundraising events, Lunch for the Cure (Tacoma) and Power for a Promise (Seattle) as well a the Survivor's Luncheon for over 5 years, developing designs to empower the fight for the eradication of breast cancer through a cure.

The cries for awareness, education, and research encircled the floral imagery articulated the blossoming of support for cancer treatment in the Power of Promise invitation.

The repeating and overlapping pattern of circles, combined with powerful messaging in contemporary type projected a theme of connectivity, whereby each individual can contribute to saving the life of another.

The complimentary Survivor's Luncheon aboard the Holland America ship, allowed a day getaway of celebration, with travel/passport graphics to compliment metaphorically the journey in cancer.

The corporate brochure presented the impact of one’s contributions to research for a cure and support for those in need of support in a personal, approachable manner.

Susan G. Komen’s powerful messaging for the luncheons helped raise over $250,000 each year to directly support the local underserved community with breast cancer treatment, education, and research.