Franciscan Foundation

The stakes were high to have the major annual fundraiser for the Franciscan Foundation procure profits for the advanced Pathology Unit at CHI St Joseph Medical Center. Design Centric developed the Indian theme of “Saath Saath,” translated as “Hand In Hand” for the St. Joseph Medical Center Ball. The message declared the Pathology Unit’s deep commitment to bringing healing and hope to its patients through a collaborative and hands-on approach from diagnosis to treatment. The invitation visually wove the connectivity of many departments and intertwinement of care for saving lives. Gold metallic hand-drawn motifs, reminding us of henna, and the script typefaces glamorized our branding of the event, which included the invitation, advertisement, wine, menu, and auction materials. The sold-event catered to over 400 attendees and raised over $250,000 for the betterment of patient and interdisciplinary care.