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MaryBridge Children's Hospital

Design Centric was faced with the crucial and rush branding of a new Pediatric Outpatient for Mary Bridge's Hospital in Gig Harbor. Our marketing met the challenges of articulating the new center for pediatrics only and opening across the street of an existing MultiCare Urgent Care serving all ages. We boldy implemented the corporate purple and brushstroke to sweep into focus the expanded services, from emergent care to medical specialties and therapy services. 


Our multi-pronged, multi-purpose campaign shaped into great success for the center – featured in 4 South Sound newspaper ads, 3 Seattle & Gig Harbor Magazine ads,1 PenMet Program, 9 Facebooks ads, 4 Galaxy Movie Theatres, 6 theatres wide, 22 Childcare Centers, 1 Seattle Paramount Theatre and 5 Spotify/Pandora ads. Serving diverse communities, friendly photography and clear verbiage expressing medical services were launched within 6 weeks.There was a 200% increase in patient flow and 3 million impressions viewed by 40,000 households online for the widespread digital and print advertising within the first 3 months. Every step of the way was a tight and productive collaboration with the hospital marketing manager, media buyer, and social media developer to result in great awareness and revenue for MaryBridge.