digital, print and packaging design l targeted marketing

Piasecki MD

Justin Piasecki, MD and his wife & business partner, Jill, were poised to produce and launch their transformative anti-aging skincare line. We worked together to help define their vision and develop a successful, multi-faceted branding program - from corporate logo, collateral and website to bottle and carton packaging- as well as collaborate with manufacturers. The watery blue icon and contemporary professional logotype were placed on white bottles with silver caps to cleanly articulate their soothing products, promoting beautiful, healthy-looking skin using the lastest science. The silver foil cartons draw one inside the packaging of their easy-to-use, calming moisturizers and cleanser. Print and online marketing highlighted the outstanding reputation of Dr. Piasecki, who has appeared on television and radio, and his double-boarded expertise in Moh's and Plastic Surgery. There were also plans to create customized vending machines, as shown in our conceptual drawings, to dispense products, whereby proceeds would benefit non-profit schools and organizations.